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Our story

Tradition is like love. It is valuable and sincere only if it does not hold you back, but gives you the freedom to fly.

Every story begins with a tradition.
…or not?

Tradition did not hold us back. Exactly the opposite. The departure from tradition, with all its respect, gave us the freedom to fly. All we took from tradition was the blessing and encouragement of our late father to embark on this crazy story that no one believed, except us and our family. Sometimes even a few people who believe in you are enough to make your dream come true. We decided to turn our love for the vineyard, grapes and wine into one of the most modern boutique wineries in Slavonia – a family winery of the 21st century that produces wines that will redefine the status and position of Graševina as our most recognizable, but at the same time, most underrated wine variety. In addition, it will show that Slavonian wines can make an even bigger step forward in the wine world of Croatia and Europe. Both white and red.

Building a winery without tradition, with a lot of love, but little experience, in an area where everyone makes wine mainly for their own needs, in a vineyard that is almost unknown in Croatia – only madmen can do that. We agree. But… Try the best graševina in Croatia and talk about craziness. Our Graševina. Find a better rosé than ours… Red wines don’t do well in amphorae? Maybe. If you haven’t tried our blend of red varieties from the amphora. We will not even mention dessert wines. Visit us, try them and decide for yourself.


„I approach everything and every job with passion and dedication. Investing the maximum of myself is the minimum I want to agree to. That’s how it was when I was building a political career, and that’s how it is now when I’m returning to my roots, my family, my country. I have left politics behind, even though it is deeply rooted in my being and awakened a great passion in me. My exit from politics was real and I don’t want to open the door I closed behind me again. The world that is behind them and in which the human factor is a key circumstance, let it remain in the past – and let the space where I can act unburdened in the environment of family and friends, working with passion, in nature and producing from nature, be my security and my future. My new policy is APOLITICO“ – T. T.